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The great safari guide

Do you dream of going on safari in Africa? Choosing a safari destination can be complicated. We have created a safari guide to help you find the best safari! [...]

Get to know Botswana

Botswana is without a doubt the crown jewel of all noble safari destinations with unique nature and wildlife! Experience the large Kalahari lions in the south and the large herds of elephants in the Okvango Delta [...]

My meeting with Malawi - and Prince Harry

My first meeting with Malawi was in 2013. And it was a full flap from the first second. Everything that is "Africa" ​​for me can be found in Malawi: Pulsating people's lives, [...]

My first meeting with Africa

I have dreamed of traveling to Africa ever since I was a little girl. Africa was exotic, different and exciting. Kristiansand-Durban My first meeting with [...]

Graham's top five

Through more than 20 years in the industry, Elin and I have experienced a number of incredible places in Africa; exotic lodges and distinctive hotels. Lately, Elin has [...]

Get to know South Africa

South Africa is an exciting and varied country with great contrasts, strong history, beautiful nature, rich wildlife, cool cities, beautiful beaches and good food and drink. South Africa is often called [...]

Get to know Zimbabwe

A trip to Zimbabwe offers an encounter with interesting history, welcoming locals, the majestic Victoria Falls, unspoilt nature and exciting wildlife. Get to know Zimbabwe better in our blog. [...]

Get to know Zambia

In Zambia, you can feel like a first-class explorer, down the Zambezi River and through the Luangwa Valley. Here you can experience the Victoria Falls, wildlife and raw nature [...]

Get to know Namibia

Namibia is the land of the high red dunes, fascinating desert landscapes, lush nature reserves, unique culture and exciting wildlife. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Namibia is a sought-after [...]

Everything turned on its head

We snuck our coffee cup to enjoy the sunrise on the beach in Durban. It is more important than ever to take care of the small moments. After almost three months [...]

Family weekend in Drakensberg

Inspired by all the pictures from the Norwegian mountains lately, we traveled with the whole family to the Drakensberg mountains. I actually got to go with Graham on a long hike to the Amphitheater. [...]

Cape Town - 10 tips

Cape Town is one of the most popular holiday towns in the world and was voted "best city in the world" by The Telegraph's 39 readers for the seventh year in a row. [...]

Five unique train experiences

Traveling by train in Africa is a unique and exclusive experience! Here, the train journey is the experience itself, in addition to being a means of transportation. Below we have taken [...]

Safari Dictionary

Are you going on a safari in Africa? Then you need to learn these expressions first. Here is the explanation of some of the most common words and expressions that you want [...]

Packing list

Are you going on a safari in Africa? We have made a packing list with some extra good tips for you who travel on adventures with GET Africa Travel. [...]

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