Zambia is known as the ultimate safari destination. In a week here you will experience a fantastic wildlife in South Luangwa, one of Africa's finest national parks. You join in - on foot - on experiences in the African wilderness. We promise you will have memories for life!

  • Destination: Zambia

  • Recommended time to travel: all year

  • Hoydepunkter: safari in South Luangwa on foot and in an open safari vehicle.

  • Price: from NOK NOK 52 per person
    (does not include plane tickets)

  • Suitable for: the advanced


You land in Lusaka and fly on to Mfuwe. The Travel's first destination is Luwi, a small bush camp located in the heart of South Luangwa National Park.

Elin & Graham - Zambia


The camp has four cabins located at the Luwi Sand River in the shadow of large mahogany trees. Every year when the water is low, the camp is built up and taken down again when the water stock increases (open for visits May-October). The camp is the only one in miles around. Close to the camp is a lagoon full of hippos, and afternoon safaris often end with sundowners here. The camp's location is great for exploring the bush on foot: The area is renowned for its large lion population and looking for lions on foot is an experience you will never forget!


You travel with Norman Carr Safari (today known as Time + Tide) which is known to be the first to organize goose safaris in Africa. You sleep well in the thatched huts after a day march in the bush. In the middle of the night, one may just wake up as the lions fight with a leopard over the prey. The next morning the guide says: "Let's find out what happened last night"! The lion, leopard, hyena and crocodile tracks can be found fresh and close to the camp!


After morning activity and breakfast, head to the next safari camp in South Luangwa. You can choose whether you want to go or be driven and the journey itself is a great safari experience. If you choose to go, baggage awaits you when you arrive. Nsolo Bush Camp has a great mix of "natural" luxury; spacious cabins that stand on wooden piles with grass and straw walls and large outdoor bathrooms. Each cottage has great views of the bush and water holes at the Luwi River.

At Nsolo Bushcamp you can combine safaris by car and on foot. This area is known for its lion population and the possibilities are also good for seeing the wild dogs.


After breakfast and breakfast, head to Kakuli Camp, a real bushcamp nestled on the banks of the Luangwa River. Here you live in a safari tent with an en-suite bathroom. From the camp's main deck you can enjoy the view of the river and incredible wildlife; Here we find Africa's largest population of crocodiles and hippos. The view here is phenomenal.

Also this area is known for offering some of the best safari opportunities in Zambia, and the camp offers safari in land robbery and on foot. It is up to you what you want to do every single day. In the evenings, night safari is recommended where you have good opportunities to see Luangwa's predators that are active only the few hours it is dark.


After breakfast, head back to the airport. The journey there is a combination of safari on foot and by car, and you have the opportunity to see animals right up until you leave.

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