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Kilimanjaro is the world's highest freestanding mountain. To climb Kilimanjaro is a dream come true for many. The joy you feel when standing on top is indescribable!

Kilimanjaro located northeast of Tanzania and has three extinct volcanoes: Shira in the west at 3.962 meters, Mawenzi in the east at 5.149 meters and Kibo with Uhuru Peak at 5.895 meters, the highest point in Africa. Oral history tells us that the volcano was active for 150 – 200 years ago, and the Kibo crater still emits gases. The name Kilimanjaro is a mystery in itself. It is said that it may mean the Mountain of Light, the Mountain of Greatness or the Mountain of Caravans, but this is not certain. Not even the local people, Wachagga, have a name for the whole mountain, only Kipoo (Kibo). It is the famous mountain peak with snow on; top of Africa.

The glacier on Kilimanjaro has shrunk since the beginning of the twentieth century, and probably disappears entirely within 2020X. This is partly explained by global warming, but deforestation is also an important factor. The mountain's ecosystem is of great importance for the nomadic people of the Masai, who need the high grasslands as pastures for the cattle, and for the cultivation of the soil in the south and east, which is driving increasingly intensive agriculture.

Kilimanjaro lies like most other high mountains in Africa near the Rift Valley. After the mountain's existence was confirmed by German missionary Johannes Rebmann in 1848X, Kilimanjaro has attracted many explorers.

With the exception of Mawenzi, the mountain is not difficult to climb. The challenge is the height. You need to spend plenty of time for acclimatization to reduce the risk of altitude sickness. The three simplest routes, Marangu, Rongai and Machame can be walked by anyone with normal physics and health and require no mountain climbing experience. Due to the special combination of height and proximity to the equator, you experience almost all climate zones and weather types on your way to the top.

  • Kilimanjaro is located in North East Tanzania.
    The mountain has three extinct volcanoes; Shira 3962m, Mawenzi 5149m and Kibo with Uhuru Peak 5895m. The mountain can only be climbed with a licensed guide. The only realistic way to organize a trip to Kilimanjaro is through a travel company.

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