A trip to Zimbabwe offers an encounter with interesting history, welcoming locals, the majestic Victoria Falls, unspoilt nature and exciting wildlife.

A trip to Zimbabwe offers an encounter with interesting history, welcoming locals, the majestic Victoria Falls, unspoilt nature and exciting wildlife.

Hwange National Park is the country's largest national park with a rich wildlife, especially known for its large elephant flocks. Hwange has one of the densest concentrations of animals in Africa and a large species of mammals, over 100 registered species.

Close to Hwange are the Victoria Falls, and a trip to Zimbabwe is not complete without visiting the country's biggest attraction. Here the Zambezi River becomes Mosi-oa-Tunya - "The smoke that thunders". The falls are most beautiful to see from the Zimbabwe side.

Zimbabwean largest ethnic group is the Shona people, known for their many sculptures and carvings. The art is colorful and expressive and often politically inspired.

Zimbabwe was a British colony from 1923 to 1965, when the white minority rule in Rhodesia declared the country independent. However, this was not internationally recognized. The country became an independent nation for 1980 after a liberation war, and took the name Zimbabwe after the ruin city "The Great Zimbabwe". Since the liberation, the country has experienced political unrest which in 2008 led to hyperinflation. Although the economy is better now, Zimbabwe still has major challenges. Tourism begins to return to Zimbabwe, and as a visitor, one contributes to a better future for the country.

  • Harare

  • 16 million

  • Visas to Zimbabwe can be purchased on arrival. Zimbabwe «Single entry Visa» costs USD 30, - per person and «Double entry Visa» costs USD 50, - per person. The visa is valid for 30 days. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the scheduled departure date. Visitors must have sufficient free pages in their passport.

  • English, Shona and Ndebele.

  • USD (US dollars). In Zimbabwe, we recommend trading in USD (small banknotes).
    We recommend bringing a few USD for extra expenses such as tipping and drinking. It is common to tip 10-15%.

  • We do not recommend driving yourself in Zimbabwe and therefore usually arrange all transport.

  • Temperate climate. Warm and dry season from August to October. The best periods for visiting the country are from April to May and August to September.




This anniversary journey gazes at the spectacular Victoria Falls and continues across the border to Chobe National Park where you will find, among other things, the largest elephant population in Africa!



A trip in Zimbabwe offers encounters with exciting history, unspoilt nature and a truly spectacular wildlife. In addition, the majestic Victoria Falls is best experienced from the Zimbabwe side.

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