GET Africa Travel is a travel company that specializes in tailoring unique adventure travel in southern Africa. Since Elin and Graham started 25 years ago, the team has grown. Today we are eleven Africa enthusiasts who work from Durban, Cape Town and Norway.


GET Africa Travel, actually stands for Graham & Elin Touring Africa. It all started with Graham and Elin in 1999. Since the start, the team has grown!

Today we are a well-teamed team that does everything we can to create the best Africa adventure for our guests. Every day we work closely together so that you will experience something you will never forget.

We in GET Africa Travel am fortunate to be able to help make holiday dreams come true. We work dedicated and serious with the assignments, but everyday life is characterized by a lot of fun and laughter. We work hard to find the right places and the best experiences for our guests. Our goal is for our guests to get Africa under the skin and for the experiences to always exceed expectations.

With offices in Durban, South Africa, we have the opportunity to regularly visit the destinations and accommodations we recommend. We therefore do not recommend places we do not have experience with. And if anything happens on your journey in Africa, we are never far away.

For 25 years, we have been sending travel-loving guests to Africa. We know Africa!

Elin & Graham


  • We are well established in the tourism industry, with 25 years of experience in Africa!

  • All journeys we offer are tailored to your wishes and preferences. Your journey is unique and made just for you!

  • We are known for personal service and for offering “the little extra”. All guests are followed up before, during and after the trip.

  • More than 70 % of our guests are repeat or referred customers.

  • We provide value for money! We must always have a competitive price.

  • With offices in South Africa, we have the opportunity to regularly visit the destinations and accommodations we recommend. We therefore do not recommend places we do not have experience with. And if anything happens on your journey in Africa, we are never far away.

  • We know Scandinavian travel habits and love Africa!

  • We are committed to traveling environmentally friendly and creating social and economic impacts of tourism. Read more about sustainability and social responsibility with us. 

  • By traveling with us you also support our exciting project, Mabibi United. Read more about the project here…

  • GET Africa Travel is a member of SATSA (Southern African Tourism Services Association), ATTA (African Travel and Tourism Association) and South Africa Tourism. Get Africa is also a member as The travel guarantee fund.

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GET Africa Travel, is headquartered in Durban, South Africa. We are a enthusiastic team that does everything we can to create the best Africa adventure for our guests. Every day we work closely together so that YOU will experience something you will never forget.

Graham - profile

Graham Paton

Owner and general manager

Graham was born and raised in Zululand, South Africa. He has previously worked with various projects in the field of tourism. One of the biggest was the building of the fashionable Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. There he was a project manager.

Graham's favorite?

Without a doubt beach vacation north of Durban! The deserted sandy beaches with the warm Indian Ocean tempt the most.

What is the best thing about Africa?

"Africa is passion" - There is never a dull day here, and out of chaos come opportunities.

Elin Paton

General manager and travel curator

Elin is from Norway. After several years as an assistant professor in secondary school, the travel enthusiasm led her to South Africa in 1998, where she met Graham. She was not unfamiliar with tourism after two seasons with boat charter in Split, Croatia and five years as a guide in her hometown of Kristiansand. Elin and Graham have been running Get Africa Travel since 1999.

Elin's favorite?

For Elin, happiness is a luxurious lodge in the middle of a UNESCO protected wetland area along the coast at Thonga Beach! A perfect combination of beautiful nature, beach people and activities

What is the best thing about Africa?

The smells, the sun, the smiles and the great contrasts.

Zaithoon Maziya

Booking Manager

Zaithoon has been part of the GET team since 2006 and has worked in the travel industry since 2001. Zaithoon is interested in people, politics and culture.

Zaithoon's favorite?

Cape Town with amazing Table Mountain and colorful Bo-Kaap. Another favorite is Mozambique with its delicious seafood and laid back atmosphere. Victoria Falls can take your breath away and the people are so friendly.

What is the best thing about Africa?

The weather is fantastic all year round. Our continent has many natural resources and a rich wildlife, flora and fauna. We have a wonderful diversity of cultures and food. And the people who always smile and are accommodating.

Kanandree Pather

Booking Manager

Kanandree has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and has a genuine passion for his profession. With a versatile track record (she has among other things participated in the opening of a new and successful hotel chain), she ensures that our guests get the adventure they have always dreamed of. It's not two days that are the same in this industry and that's what makes the job so exciting!

Kanandree's favorite?

There are so many wonderful destinations in southern Africa, but Zimbabwe and Knysna (along the Garden Route) are two of my favorites.

What is the best thing about Africa *?

The people, the culture, the weather and the fantastic nature with beaches, mountains and great safari parks.

Eivind - profile - 2024

Eivind Stigen Holter

Marketing Manager and Travel Curator

Eivind comes from Oslo and has studied both media studies and tourism management. After graduating, he worked as Digital Marketing Manager at Aquarama, in Kristiansand. Eivind grew up in Zimbabwe and has traveled extensively in Africa. Eivind became part of the team in the autumn of 2018.

Eivind's favorite?

Safari on the savanna in Mara Naboisho, Kenya or on safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana!

What is the best thing about Africa?

I love going on safari and never get bored! At the same time, Africa is about beautiful people and a wonderful attitude to life.

Silje Eriksen Harbor

Travel Curator

Silje was born and raised in Norway. She studied tourism at the University of Agder and after 6 years in Kristiansand she moved to Durban and became part of the GET Africa Travel team in the fall of 2018.

Silje's favorite?

Maasai and safari in Naiboisho / Maasai Mara in Kenya, as well as KwaZulu-Natal with its white beaches, safari adventures, mountain tours and cozy colorful markets.

What is the best thing about Africa?

Like the animal lover I am, I have to say wonderful gamedrives and the wild adventures that come with.

Daphne - profile - 2024

Daphne Chandika

Booking Manager

Daphne became part of the team at the beginning of 2020. She has more than 20 years of experience from the tourism industry in South Africa and possesses extremely good geographical knowledge of Africa.

Daphnes' favorite?  

Daphne's favorite destination is the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. She loves the wildlife, the open plains and the wild landscape.

What is the best thing about Africa? 
Being able to experience "the big five" up close is worth the whole long journey.

Anne-Beth Stene

Travel Curator

Anne-Beth had her first encounter with South Africa when she worked as a volunteer for project Zulufadder in 2008. She was only supposed to stay four months, but ended up staying a year in the small village of Eshowe in Zululand. The longing for South Africa has been there ever since she returned to Norway in 2009, and in autumn 2014 she became a beloved member of the Get Africa team. Anne-Beth is a versatile lady and has previously worked in insurance and the healthcare sector.

Anne-Beth's favorite?

Eshowe and Durban.

What is the best thing about Africa?

The people, the heat and the food.

Sabine Featherby

Booking and Travel Curator

Sabine grew up in The Netherlands and caught the Africa-bug in 1999 when she travelled through South Africa and Zimbabwe with her family. Two more trips and three years later, she had moved to beautiful KwaZulu-Natal. Her Dutch law degree doesn’t mean much in South Africa, and she somehow rolled into travel, helping to build and operate a safari lodge in Zambia and a houseboat on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Since 2018, Cape Town is home, where you will find her somewhere on Table Mountain most weekends.

Sabine's favorite?  

It will be difficult to beat the road trip I did with my mother through Uganda in 2021. The chimpanzees are fascinating and seeing gorillas is surreal. But the people of Uganda, the country’s raw beauty and diversity is what makes me want to return to explore more.

What is the best thing about Africa? 
The people of Africa. They welcome you with open arms and want nothing more than to share their world with you.

Salini Mudaly


Salini is our eminent accountant and has been part of the GET Africa Travel team since 2013. Salini is not afraid of challenges and excitement, and has, among other things, jumped from the world's highest knit jump.

Salini's favorite?

Plettenberg Bay along the Garden Route - gorgeous!

What is the best thing about Africa?

The diversity of cultures and our friendly people.

Sara - profile - 2024

Sarah Hinde


Sara joined the Get Africa team in spring 2023 and works part-time. Alongside her work with us, she is writing a master's thesis in psychology.

Saras's favorite?  

Safari in Zululand at Amakhosi!

What is the best thing about Africa? 


Get Africa Travel is concerned with sustainability and social responsibility. Together with our partners, we work to protect vulnerable natural areas, combat the extinction of wildlife, support local communities and work with people in vulnerable areas.

One of our projects is Mabibi Get Africa United. Mabibi is a small community of around 3000 people north of KwaZulu-Natal. Already in 2010, Get Africa started to get involved and support the local football team in Mabibi. Today, we are even more involved in the local community, and together with several organizations and Get Africa guests, we are involved in several projects.

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